/ May 26, 2020

Visits and Tours

Visits and Tours

The Port of Belize Ltd. welcomes and encourages Educational Tours and Visits.

We accept local and international students from primary school to university levels.


Requests for such should be made in writing (Email or Letter) 4 weeks prior to your expected date of arrival.


Required Information:

  1. Name of Institution
  2. Expected Date and Time of Visit
  3. Number of Students
  4. Number of Teachers
  5. Education Level
  6. Purpose of visit


Tours can include:

  1. Powerpoint Presentations
  2. Tour of Compound:
    • Low Berth
    • Storage Shed
    • Container Yard
    • Pier head*


Expected duration of tour: 1hr 15mins

Light refreshments are served

Your tour may be featured on our website (Pictures taken)

For your own safety and well being you are expected to abide by all security rules and regulations which can be found here.


Letters should be addressed to: Human Resource Department

Port of Belize Ltd.

PO Box 2674

Caesar Ridge Road

Belize City, Belize


Send Email to: info@portofbelize.com

All requests will be vetted. You should expect a response to your letter within 5 business days of receipts.

We look forward to seeing you.