/ May 26, 2020

 Internships & OJT Page

 Internships & OJT Page

The Port of Belize Ltd. recognizes the importance that education in our community plays for the development of our future leaders.


Historically we have participated in OJT and internship programs from the early 1990s and we have no reason to stop now.

As you may know these positions are limited and is handled on a first come, first served bases.

While requesting to do job training or interning with us isnt guranteed we will do our utmost best to fit you in.

We do have members of staff who were offered fulltime positions due to their stellar performance during these programs


We have previously accepted students in the following Departments: Human Resource, Information Technology, Accounts, Operations, Warehouse, Mechanical and Maintenace.


Requests for such should be made in writing (Email or Letter) 3 months prior to the expected commencement date.


Required Information:

  1. Name and Contact information of Institution
  2. Name of Contact information of Student
  3. Expected Commencement and Conclusion date of program
  4. Education Level

6              Area of Study


For the satefy and wellbeing of the student they are expected to abide by all security rules and regulations which can be found here.


Letters of request should be addressed to:         Human Resource Department

Port of Belize Ltd.

PO Box 2674

Caesar Ridge Road

Belize City, Belize


Send Email to: info@portofbelize.com


All requests will be vetted. You should expect a response to your letter within 10 business days of receipt.